Russell Findlay

CEO, Speakers Trust

Russell Findlay is an innovative leader in the non-profit sector, blending over two decades of CEO and board experience with a profound understanding of technology and telecommunications strategy. He has built digitally confident teams and steered a diverse range of organisations through strategic change.

Over the last six years, Russell has led Speakers Trust, a national education charity which aspires to ensure every young person has the confidence and skills to share their ideas out loud. The charity has undergone an innovative digital transformation, automating workflows and enhancing beneficiary, volunteer, and funder experiences without a developer in sight. By better communicating impact and becoming more cost-effective, the charity has flourished, achieving a 50% growth in revenue and doubling its reach to nearly forty thousand young people.

Russell has also advised numerous small and medium-sized charities on how they can benefit from digital transformation with a ‘shoe-string’ budget, through adopting no-code tools and upskilling their teams to become more digitally confident.

Russell's ambition extends beyond immediate technological upgrades; he envisions a future where digital empowerment is integral to every aspect of non-profit operations. He believes that through strategic use of no-code tools and digital literacy, non-profits can not only streamline their operations but also significantly amplify their social impact. His vision is for a sector-wide shift towards tech-enabled efficiency and innovation, ensuring non-profits are not just keeping pace with the digital era but are pioneers in leveraging technology for greater societal good.